[Rumor] 2024 LEGO (R) new Sets Rumor [February 2023 edition] Many Licensed Set for Adult will be Released? Disney, Zelda, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc.

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Introducing new LEGO (R) block product information that may be released from the latter half of 2023 to 2024 on SNS and BBS.

* Last Update(EST): Please note that information in this post is unconfirmed as of now.

2024 Adult Lego(R) Unconfirmed New Product List

In 2024, there is a possibility that many high-priced adult sets with a large number of pieces recommended for ages 18 and over will be released.

Jabba’s Sail Barge

About 6500 pieces. 60CM long. UCS brand. Jabba the Hutt’s ship when Luke and his friends were taken to the desert in Episode 6/Return of the Jedi.

X-Men X Mansion

Around $200. Width 53 CM Height 25 CM. The mansion that appears in the X-Men. Institute.

Lego (R) Batman

Illustrated set of Gotham City buildings (sky scrapers). Styles like Van Gogh and Lego (R) art. $300-$400.

The Legend of Zelda The Deku Tree

About 1900 pieces. Breath of the Wild cherry blossom style and Ocarina of Time version.

LEGO (R) ICONS Medieval Village

About 3200 pieces. Medieval village market. Goat fig revival. Contains many animal figures.

Lord of the Rings Balad Dua

About 4,000 pieces. A fortress in The Lord of the Rings. Over 80 cm tall, contains dungeons, armory, Eye of Sauron and more. Around $400.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Build-type figure. Around $100. A hat that sorts the students.

Harry Potter Burrow

About 2400 pieces. $200-$300. Many minifigures.

LEGO Brand Retail

Disney Donald Duck

About 1,000 pieces. Around $100. 30 cm high. Buildable figures like Mickey and Minnie.

Disney Lion King Simba

About 1350 pieces. Around $100. About 30 cm high. Sitting. Buildable figures like Mickey and Minnie.

Disney Maleficent Dragon

About 1250 pieces. 18+. diorama style. Around $130. black dragon. Prince Philip and Maleficent minifigures.

Disney Snow White’s House

About 2500 pieces. Around $200. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs minifigures. A style similar to the work that advanced to the review of Lego (R) ideas.

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It is not yet known if the new information introduced in this article will be released yet, but if it is, it is highly likely that it will be 2024.

New product information and the list of new LEGO (R) sets for 2024 will be updated as new information becomes available, so bookmark it and check it out!

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