Dungeons & Dragons LEGO® Mini Figures: Expected September Release?

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Multiple SNS accounts that share unofficial LEGO® block product information have posted that LEGO® Mini Figures of “Dungeons & Dragons” are expected to be released in September.

However, it’s important to note that this information is currently speculative and not confirmed.

Which Characters Will Be Featured?

The anticipated characters expected to be included in the LEGO® Mini Figures series “Dungeons & Dragons” are Lady of Pain, Mind Flayer, Intellect Devourer, Witch, Dragon, and more.

Anticipated Characters and Included Accessories
  1. Dwarf Barbarian: A dwarf barbarian with a battle-axe and torch. New axe mold. Double-sided for male and female.
  2. Yellow Gish Yankee Warlock: Carries a staff. Features yellow elf ears, dual-molded legs, and a knife. Hair is newly molded.
  3. Orange Tiefling Sorcerer in Purple Robes: Comes with a red dragon familiar and a translucent pink triple bolt of energy. Features a dragon, new mold for hair/horns + claws/energy. Double-sided for male and female with arm printing and dual-molded legs.
  4. Pearl Gold Dragonborn Paladin: Equipped with a shield and a new mace. Features Vidiyo dragon head part.
  5. Halfling Druid with a Fancy Cape, Bird, and Staff: New mold for hood with horns. Double-sided for male and female with dual-molded legs.
  6. White Arakocra Ranger with a Bow and Small Dog: Features Faun legs, newly molded head, and wings.
  7. Mind Flayer and Intellect Devourer (New molds for the head and devourer).
  8. Strahd Von Zarovich with a Sword, Goblet, Red-Eyed Rat, and Cape. Features dual-molded legs.
  9. Half-Elf Bard with a Lute and Sword: Features newly molded hair and scarf. Double-sided for male and female with dual-molded legs.
  10. The Lady of Pain: Cube and Fancy Cape. New headpiece mold. The cube consists of 1×1 plates and tiles printed with the symbol of Arborea. Orange robe with gold print on sand green headpiece.
  11. Zas Tam: Trans-red skull accessory, energy blast, and dark red collared cape. Features a red robe and a brown head with visible brown ribs.
  12. Queen Tasha, Witch with a Book and Cauldron: Uses the Hocus Pocus witch hat and hair piece. Features arm printing and dual-molded legs.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, and it has already been decided that the winning entry from a contest held by Wizards of the Coast, the IP holder of the series, and the LEGO® Group will be turned into a LEGO® Ideas product.

LEGO® Ideas “Dungeons & Dragons” is expected to be released in April, so there is a significant possibility that the LEGO® Mini Figures series of the same franchise will be released in September.

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What are LEGO® Minifigures?

LEGO® Minifigures are small figures made of LEGO® blocks that everyone has likely seen at least once.

While Mini Figures are often included with LEGO® block products such as vehicles and buildings, there are also times throughout the year when standalone “Mini Figure Series” products are released.

LEGO® Mini Figure Series typically feature (mostly) 12 characters at a time and are sold in blind packaging, where the contents cannot be seen until opened.

LEGO® New Product Information

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Mini Figures: Popular Licensed Products

While LEGO® Mini Figure Series predominantly feature original LEGO® block characters, there are also licensed characters from franchises like Marvel and Disney that are occasionally produced, making each release highly anticipated.

LEGO® New Product InformationDisney Series Released in 2023

Given the popularity of the newly speculated “Dungeons & Dragons” release, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were included in the LEGO® Mini Figure Series.

Stay tuned for updates on the Stads official website and official X, where new information will be promptly shared. Be sure to bookmark and follow for continuous updates!

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.