LEGO(R)Fortnite “Gone Fishin'” v28.30 Update Released

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Epic Games announced the implementation of the large-scale update for LEGO® Fortnite, V28.30: a.k.a. the Gone Fishin’ update, starting from February 22nd, along with the announcement available here.


Players can craft four different fishing rods with varying rarities. The higher the rarity of the fishing rod, the easier it is to catch fish, while lower rarity rods are easier to craft.


  1. Common (Craftable at Crafting Level 1): Recipe unlocks when Cord is in inventory
  2. Uncommon (Craftable at Crafting Level 2): Recipe unlocks when Knotroot Rod is in inventory
  3. Rare (Craftable at Crafting Level 3): Recipe unlocks when Flexwood Rod is in inventory
  4. Epic (Craftable at Crafting Level 4): Recipe unlocks when Frostpine Rod is in inventory



  1. Orange Flopper
  2. Blue Flopper
  3. Green Flopper
  4. Vendetta Flopper
  5. Black and Blue Shield Fish
  6. Purple Thermal Fish
  7. Raven Thermal Fish
  8. Silver Thermal Fish
  9. Blue Slurp Fish
  10. Purple Slurp Fish
  11. Yellow Slurp Fish
  12. Blue Small Fry
  13. Cuddle Jelly Fish
  14. Slurp Jelly Fish
  15. Molten Spicy Fish

The fish available for catching vary depending on the area, bodies of water, weather, and time of day. Display methods for Legendary fish will be added in future updates. It’s possible that fish farming could become a feature.

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Food Processor

At the newly introduced Food Processor Stations, you can process caught fish into fish fillets. Crafting or using a Sawmill unlocks the recipe for the Food Processor.


Seafood isn’t just limited to fish fillets; with a grill, you can also prepare dishes like Smoked Smallfry or Sushi with Black & Blue Shieldfish.


All you need to fish is a Fishing Rod and water. But fish are a slippery bunch, so don’t just cast your line and expect fish to flock. Throw bait into water to create a Fishing Spot!

Get bait from a Bait Bucket, which has four rarities you can craft. The rarer the bucket, the more likely you are to attract a fish:


Bait Bucket Information
  1. Common (Craftable at Food Processor): Recipe unlocks when Fish Filet is in inventory and there is a Food Processor in the world
  2. Uncommon (Craftable at Juicer): Recipe unlocks when Common Bait Bucket is in inventory and there is a Juicer in the world
  3. Rare (Craftable at Juicer): Recipe unlocks when Common Bait Bucket is in inventory and there is a Juicer in the world
  4. Epic (Craftable at Juicer): Recipe unlocks when Common Bait Bucket is in inventory and there is a Juicer in the world
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In v28.30, two new materials, “Sand” and “Glass,” are introduced to LEGO® Fortnite. You can dig sand out of sandy ground using a shovel. With sand and a crafting bench, you can craft glass.


The SPYGLASS magnifies distant views.

With glass in your inventory and a crafting bench in the world, the recipe for the SPYGLASS is unlocked. Craftable at the crafting bench.




The compass adds basic navigation to the HUD, indicating which direction you’re facing.

Crafting an Advanced Compass adds navigation and map markers to the HUD. The recipe can be unlocked using the same steps as the regular compass.

Other Additions

In addition, there are new LEGO®-style costumes, options to switch styles, gameplay improvements and adjustments, bug fixes, and more.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.