LEGO Indiana Jones Sets Can be Revived in October 2022?

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LEGO Indiana Jones Revive?

Part of LEGO new product information expected to be released in October appears at online store in Spain.

It is rumored that this product number is a new series with the theme of Indiana Jones on overseas SNS.

On the shop page, the release date is October 1, 2022, and the recommended target age is from 9 to 12 years old, so even if it is an Indiana Jones set, it seems to be a small to medium size set.

Why Indiana Jones?

According to the shop’s product page, the code name for the new series is coconut.

Since coconut appears as an item in the LEGO Indiana Jones games released in the past, it is said that Indiana Jones may be the dominant item in the new series.

New movie

Indiana Jones will release a new movie on June 30, 2023. Even if Indiana Jones products are really released, it is unclear whether the theme is new or old.

* Dates, figures, prices, and contents are undecided until the official announcement. * Products will be listed at each shop after they are available.

75571 ?

? | Age?+ | $? | ¥? | Expected to be released in October 2022

75572 ?

? | Age?+ | $? | ¥? | Expected to be released in October 2022

75573 ?

? | Age?+ | $? | ¥? | Expected to be released in October 2022

75574 ?

? | Age?+ | $? | ¥? | Expected to be released in October 2022

Wait for the follow-up!

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