LEGO® Castle/Medieval” Likely to be Serialized through the BrickLink Designer Program in the Future

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Medieval Themed Sets Serialized Through BDP

Products featuring the medieval European world theme, once extensively developed as popular series such as LEGO® Castle and LEGO® Kingdoms, still boast a large fan base.

However, in the recent regular lineup of LEGO® blocks, while individual products with a medieval theme are released, serialization has not been pursued.

Nevertheless, in the BrickLink Designer Program (BDP), which packages and sells fan-made creations through crowdfunding, numerous medieval-themed works have been adopted.

In each BrickLink Designer Program cycle, five creations are presented for crowdfunding, with at least one slot typically reserved for a medieval-themed piece.

Recently, on February 8th, a medieval-themed creation titled “Mountain Fortress” participated in the crowdfunding for BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 and sold out the fastest.

LEGO® New Product InformationMountain Fortress

Scheduled for crowdfunding on June 6th, 2024, in BDP Series 2, while pirates are featured, there are no medieval-themed products. However, Forest Stronghold has been selected for BDP Series 3, scheduled for crowdfunding on October 3rd, 2024.

LEGO® New Product InformationForest Stronghold

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Two Selections in Series 4

In the recently announced BrickLink Designer Program Series 4 crowdfunding targets, two medieval-themed creations have been selected: Medieval Seaside Market and Siege Encampment.

LEGO® New Product Information

LEGO® New Product Information

Medieval-themed products, including medieval townscapes, Lion Knight castles, LEGO® Creator castles, and LEGO® Ideas blacksmith shops, have been popular releases in the recent regular LEGO® block lineup. As mentioned earlier, medieval-themed creations were the fastest to sell out in the crowdfunding for BDP Series 1.

LEGO® New Product Information

LEGO(R)ICONS Medieval Town Square 10332

LEGO(R)ICONS Medieval Town Square 10332

A New Medieval Tale Begins

The LEGO® Icons Medieval Town Square reimagines the 2009 Medieval Market Village set with the village of Felsa, home to new stories and age-old buildings


Medieval Theme Thriving in LEGO® Ideas

In LEGO® Ideas competitions, where fan creations are transformed into products under the LEGO® Ideas brand, the medieval category is highly popular, with numerous submissions and reviews. However, as of the time of this article’s publication, only the medieval blacksmith has been realized (with Viking and pirate themes somewhat similar).

LEGO® Ideas projects are higher-tier ventures compared to the BrickLink Designer Program, and entries that were unsuccessful in LEGO® Ideas competitions can also participate in the BrickLink Designer Program.

The Medieval Seaside Market, announced for Series 4, is one such creation that previously attempted to enter the LEGO® Ideas review process.

While the reasons for not serializing medieval themes in the regular LEGO® block lineup are unclear, the enduring popularity of the medieval theme suggests potential for comprehensive expansion through the BrickLink Designer Program in the future.

However, instead of predefining specific categories, focusing on genres less likely to be selected in LEGO® Ideas and including a diverse range of creations in the final candidates might generate more excitement for the project. Thus, the future development is worth watching.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.