Nostalgic LEGO Building System (40505) – New LEGO House Exclusive Set【March 2024】

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Revealed on Instructions Page.

New LEGO® House Exclusive Set Information for March 1, 2024. This year sees the release of the LEGO® Building System.

What is LEGO® House?

LEGO® House exclusive sets are unique themed sets released every spring, and they are officially sold only at the LEGO® House in Billund, Denmark.

LEGO® House is a facility located in Billund, Denmark, offering unique LEGO® exhibits and experiences. LEGO® House Website (English)

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LEGO® Building System (40505)

LEGO Building System | 1211 Pieces | Ages 10+ | 699 Danish Krone (Approximately $100) | March 1, 2024 LEGO® House Exclusive Release

A set that brings back nostalgic old LEGO sets in mini sizes.

LEGO® House Exclusive New Product Information

LEGO® House Exclusive New Product Information

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The designs of this LEGO® House exclusive set were inspired by the LEGO® Duplo Train (2705), Car (853), and Town (810).

LEGO® New Product Information

LEGO® New Product Information

LEGO® New Product Informationimgs: brickset

Miniature versions of old LEGO® block products are on display.

LEGO® House Exclusive New Product Information

Is it Available from US?

There is no official route for general users to purchase LEGO® House exclusive products domestically.

Those who absolutely want to buy domestically may have to purchase from eBay or similar platforms at a premium price.

However, there have been instances where the LEGO® Architecture set “21037 LEGO® House,” once exclusive to LEGO® House, was temporarily sold at LEGO® Shop official stores in various locations, including the US. So, if you’re patient, there may come a day when you can buy it domestically.

It might also be worth considering going all the way to Denmark!

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.