THE NANNY Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

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With 10,000 support, it is confirmed that it will advance to the 2nd LEGO idea commercialization review review in 2021.THE NANNY:LEGO IDEAS

The building of the American comedy drama “The Nanny,” which aired from November 3, 1993 to June 23, 1999.

THE NANNY Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

The building has 4 floors above ground and also has a basement.

THE NANNY Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

When playing, the back wall can be removed from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor.

THE NANNY Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

The drama is set in Manhattan, New York City, and the building is real.

Actual building

What kind of drama is The Nanny?

The stage is Manhattan, New York City. Maxwell Shefield, a wealthy man who preceded his wife, hires Fran Fine as a nanny (babysitter, nanny, etc.) to take care of his three children. A comedy drama depicting the events that occur there.

I’ve never heard the name of this drama before. Furthermore, I couldn’t find much Japanese information, so maybe it wasn’t a big hit in Japan.

Can Pass the Review

The author Castor-Troy collects the façade of the building other than this design. The movie shooting set has advanced to the review and is currently under review.

I don’t know how popular the drama was in the US, but the building has a pretty realistic design. Although it is a beautiful building, I think it is weak in terms of content when considered as a product of LEGO ideas. It seems difficult to commercialize it.

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