6 Parisian LEGO® Sets Perfect for Those Eager for the Paris Olympics – Experience Parisian Vibes at Home

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The eagerly anticipated “Paris Olympics” will finally begin on July 26!

Excitement is building for the Paris Olympics with new sports like Breakin’, Skateboarding, Gymnastics, Judo, Soccer, and more. Fans around the world are eager to cheer for their countries in every event!

For sports enthusiasts who can’t wait for this quadrennial celebration of sports, we recommend LEGO® sets that bring the Parisian atmosphere into your home, focusing on adult-oriented models. Even those unfamiliar with LEGO® should take note!

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Pieces: 4383 | Recommended Age: 18+

A meticulously crafted LEGO® model of the iconic Gothic architecture of “Notre-Dame Cathedral” in Paris, showcasing its grandeur before the devastating 2019 fire.

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Detailed columns and arches inside the cathedral are faithfully recreated. Ideal for adults who love history, architecture, art, and travel!

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Pieces: 2083 | Recommended Age: 18+

An exquisite replica of the legendary supersonic passenger jet “Concorde,” cherished by aviation enthusiasts, operated by Air France and British Airways until 2003.

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Features movable parts such as nose, landing gear, rudders, and flaps, resembling the real aircraft. A realistic model that could transport you to the skies of France!

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Paris Skyline

Pieces: 649 | Recommended Age: 12+

A LEGO® set packed with 6 iconic Parisian landmarks: Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, Tour Montparnasse (black skyscraper), Grand Palais (exhibition hall/museum – fencing and taekwondo venues in the Olympics), Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre Museum. The most striking of all is, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

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Eiffel Tower

Pieces: 10001 | Recommended Age: 18+

A highly detailed model of Paris’s most iconic structure, the “Eiffel Tower,” scaled at approximately 1/220 of its actual height of about 150cm.

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The plaza under the tower is bustling with life. With this in your home, you’re practically in Paris!

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Mona Lisa

Pieces: 1503 | Recommended Age: 18+

The world-famous painting “Mona Lisa,” permanently exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris, recreated in LEGO®, set to release in October. Pre-orders available at select shops.

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Experience Parisian vibes while gazing upon the Mona Lisa?

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Double Decker Sightseeing Bus

Pieces: 384 | Recommended Age: 7+

Though not Paris or France-themed, this model features a charming design of the double-decker bus familiar in European and American tourist destinations.

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Recommended for Adults

LEGO® allow even beginners to create highly detailed models following the instructions. With complex combinations of various parts, the sense of achievement is immense.

Even if you’re new to LEGO®, consider purchasing a larger set and enjoy assembling it leisurely while imagining the streets of Paris until the Olympics. It’s fun for the whole family!

Discover LEGO® that might elevate your “Paris level” before the Paris Olympics begin!

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.