Google’s First Server was Made out of LEGO(R) Bricks, Did You Know?

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Did you know about the relationship between Google and LEGO(R) bricks?

There’s hardly anyone left who doesn’t know about the internet giant, “Google.” It’s almost inconceivable to imagine life without Google’s services.

Google was founded as a private company on September 27, 1998, and it has since experienced rapid growth. As of 2023, it’s safe to say that Google has achieved a level of influence that could be described as “world domination.”

But did you know?

“Google’s very first server was made out of LEGO(R)!”

“And not just any LEGO(R) bricks, but DUPLO!”

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What Did the Actual Server Look Like?

Back in 1996, when Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page were students at Stanford University, they assembled a server by connecting ten 4GB hard drives. What makes this unique is that they used LEGO(R) DUPLO bricks.

The image below shows how this LEGO(R) DUPLO server was displayed underground at Stanford University’s Gates Computer Science Building from 2003 to 2010.

By the way, the “Gates” in “Gates Science” is named after Bill Gates, who donated $6 million as construction funding for the building.

Did you know Google's first server was made out of LEGO(R)?©Stanford University

Permanent Exhibition at Stanford University

Since 2010, it has been permanently exhibited in another building on campus, the Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center.

Isn’t it surprising to think that all of Google began with this tiny LEGO(R) DUPLO server?

Did you know Google's first server was made out of LEGO(R)?©Stanford University

Why Did They Choose LEGO(R) DUPLO?

The exact reason why the two founders of Google chose LEGO(R) DUPLO for building their first server remains elusive, but it might have been due to its larger size and ease of handling. They would have likely been able to assemble a server rack in a shorter time using LEGO(R) DUPLO bricks compared to regular-sized LEGO(R) blocks.

Did They Play with It as Kids?

Considering their exceptional abilities, there’s a high probability that they played with a large quantity of LEGO(R) bricks, including LEGO DUPLO, during their childhood. It’s possible that they kept them at home rather than discarding them.

If they were considering acquiring a large quantity of DUPLO for server rack assembly, even second-hand pieces might not have been particularly cheap.

LEGO Brand Retail

Summary of Impressions

Whether they already had LEGO(R) bricks or had to acquire them for server assembly, it’s likely that the great minds of America appreciated the sense of humor in using LEGO(R) bricks instead of buying a sturdy metal frame.

It’s truly remarkable that the world-renowned IT giant, Google, was supported by the LEGO(R) bricks known for their exceptional quality!

Google’s Unwavering Influence

While some argue that Google’s influence has waned due to the rise of social media and conversational AI, based on nearly 15 years of experience in operating web media and shop websites, as of 2023, such claims seem like nothing more than the rhetoric of Google detractors.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.