Still Available! ‘Parisian Street’ and ‘General Store’ LEGO® Fan-Created BrickLink Designer Program Crowdfunding

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The crowdfunding for BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 will end at 12:00 PM US Pacific Time on February 28th.

Two of the five projects funded through crowdfunding, “Parisian Street” and “General Store,” are still available for purchase.

Adult-oriented building sets like these are not often produced outside of LEGO®’s regular lineup, apart from the annual LEGO® ICONS modular building sets, making them a great purchase opportunity for building enthusiasts.

Parisian Street

Parts: 3,532 | $329.99 | Go to Purchase Page

LEGO® New Product Information

General Store

Parts: 1,906 | $159.99 | Go to Purchase Page

LEGO® New Product Information

Crowdfunding Venue @ BrickLink

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BrickLink Designer Program Series 1

BrickLink is a LEGO® Group parts trading and database website.

The BrickLink Designer Program (BDP) packages user-created projects through crowdfunding and sells them under the BrickLink brand.

Payment and Delivery for Ordered Items

Ordered items will appear in the LEGO® Shop Official Store’s order list, and payments will be handled just like regular shopping on the LEGO® Shop Official Store website.

According to the official BDP1 website, items ordered through crowdfunding are scheduled to be shipped starting July 2024. Items purchased through crowdfunding have free shipping.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.