‘BrickLink Designer Program Series 5’ Schedule Revealed – Fan-Made LEGO(R) Creations to be Sold via Crowdfunding

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Entry for “BrickLink Designer Program Series 5” begins from May 13, 2024.

About BrickLink Designer Program (BDP)

An initiative to sell fan creations under the BrickLink brand.

An initiative to package and sell fan creations through the LEGO(R) Group’s database and parts trading site, BrickLink brand.

Since BrickLink Designer Program may release products like modular building-style sets that might not be accepted in LEGO(R) Ideas, all LEGO(R) enthusiasts should keep an eye out!

After user voting and review by the management team, five carefully selected creations will be crowdfunded. If they exceed 3,000 orders, they will be put up for sale.

BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 (English)

Participation in BDP Series 5

The rough process for BDP Series 5 includes design submission, user voting, management team review, and crowdfunding.

A briefing is scheduled for April 8, 2024, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, where new guidelines for Series 5 may be announced.

LEGO Brand Retail
Submission of Creations

Submission Period: May 13, 2024 – May 24, 2024

The submission period is from May 13, 2024, to 12:00 p.m. on May 24, 2024, Pacific Time.

Main Guidelines
  • Designs should be submitted in Studio’s “.io” format.
  • No use of LEGO(R) Group’s lineups or copyrighted elements.
  • The number of parts should be over 400 and less than 4000.
  • Content should be family-friendly. Entries featuring content unsuitable for kids, even if targeted at adults, will not be accepted.
  • ※Check other rules individually
  • BrickLink Designer Program Series 5 Participation Guidelines (English)
User Voting

Voting Period: June 3, 2024 – June 14, 2024

Voting conducted by BrickLink members. All members can vote.

While the voting won’t determine the products for crowdfunding, the results will be considered in the final review.

Final Review by Management Team

Review Period: June 14, 2024 – August 19, 2024

The management team reviews each submission.

They consider factors such as feasibility of assembly, copyright issues, and user voting results to select the creations for crowdfunding.

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Announcement of 5 Creations

Final Candidate Announcement: August 19, 2024

The management team announces the final five candidates for crowdfunding.

Subsequently, the designers of selected creations will be contacted by the management team for final adjustments in design for packaging.

Series 5 Crowdfunding

Event Date: June 2025

Crowdfunding for the five creations will take place. Products that reach 3,000 pre-orders will be sold.

The maximum production limit for each product is 30,000 sets. Users can order up to 2 sets per address.

Production and Shipping

Period: Scheduled to Start Shipping Around October 2025

Production of products confirmed after crowdfunding will commence. Shipping is expected to take approximately 6 months. Delays may occur depending on circumstances.

LEGO Brand Retail

Many Attractive Creations

From previous editions of the BrickLink Designer Program that supported shipping to Japan, I’ve been purchasing one piece at a time even with studs.

Entry for 'BrickLink Designer Program Series 5' for fan-made LEGO(R) creations is open from May 13 to May 24, 2024

Series 4 Creations Decided

The BrickLink Designer Program Series 4, scheduled for crowdfunding in October 2024, has determined the final five candidates for sale.

Check below for details on how to participate in crowdfunding and make a purchase.

BDP Series 4

5 Brick Link Product Candidates DecidedUser-created designs will be crowdfunded and turned into products under the L[…]

5 Designs Selected for LEGO Bricklink Crowdfunding, Featuring Medieval, Vehicle Themes
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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.