Fortnite ‘Battle Bus’ LEGO® Set speculated to be released in October?

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Some social media accounts, which unofficially reveals LEGO® brick new product information, has posted that a LEGO® brick product featuring the ‘Fortnite’ Battle Bus is expected to be released in October. However, this information is speculative at this time and not confirmed.

October Release for Battle Bus?

According to this speculation, the Battle Bus is one of several LEGO® Fortnite products expected to be released in October 2024.

LEGO® Fortnite Products Expected to Release in October 2024
  1. 40728 Purchase Bonus Set? | ? | 151 pieces | ? years and up | ¥? | $? | Expected release in October 2024
  2. 77070 ? 193 pieces $29.99 October 1st expected release
  3. 77071 Supply Llama 691 pieces $39.99 October 1st expected release
  4. 77072 Peely Bone ? pieces $59.99 October 1st expected release
  5. 77073 Battle Bus 954 pieces $79.99 October 1st expected release
  6. 77074 ? ? pieces $119.99 Possibility of cancellation
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Comes with 10 Mini-figures?

The Battle Bus appears in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, transporting players across the map. It’s speculated that the LEGO® brick set will include 10 mini-figures.

In the game, the Battle Bus can carry up to 100 players simultaneously, but in the LEGO® brick set, it’s expected to accommodate around 10 or slightly more mini-figures.

With 954 pieces, the set might include the bus body, balloon, equipment, and possibly one or two additional mini-builds. Comparing the piece count to recent vehicle sets, such as the LEGO® City Passenger Plane with 913 pieces, suggests a more intricate design for the LEGO® Fortnite Battle Bus.

LEGO® New Product Information

LEGO(R)CITY Passenger Airplane 60367

LEGO(R)CITY Passenger Airplane 60367

realistic detailing and functions

Kids can operate the catering truck to board supplies and remove the aircraft’s roof to access its detailed cockpit, seating, aisle, toilet and catering area


The likelihood of release is high

Given the existing collaboration in the game, it can be said that there is a very high possibility of LEGO® brick products themed around Fortnite being released.

As LEGO® sets often feature various vehicles, if a LEGO® Fortnite set were to be released, the Battle Bus would likely be a strong contender for a new product.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.