THE TREASURY – PETRA | LEGO(R)IDEAS 10K Design for 2022 2nd Review

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With 10,000 supports, it has been confirmed to advance to the 2nd LEGO IDEAS Commercialization Review in 2022. THE TREASURY – PETRA: LEGO IDEAS

The most famous building in Jordan’s tourist attraction “Ruins of Petra”.

Lego ® El Hazne (Treasure Hall)” advances into product review: 2022 2nd 10,000 support acquisition design introduction

Since it is a structure carved out of a huge rock, that part is reproduced in the work.

Lego ® El Hazne (Treasure Hall)” advances into product review: 2022 2nd 10,000 support acquisition design introduction

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The special ruins of Petra

According to Wikipedia, Petra was a trading city that prospered around the 1st century BC.

I have visited the ruins of Petra before. The most popular El Hazneh (Treasure Hall) can be reached after walking for more than 1km along a long, narrow road through a cleft in a huge rock. Mysterious and inspiring! No wonder tourists come from all over the world.

Real El Khazneh

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Appears in Indiana Jones

El Hazneh became especially famous after appearing in the third Indiana Jones film, The Last Crusade, released in 1989. The inn where I stayed had a screening, but I think it’s probably the same in other inns.

In the work, I entered the back of the building in search of the Holy Grail, but in reality, there was only a room near the entrance, and it wasn’t structured to go deeper and deeper (I feel like it).

What is the possibility of commercialization?

Designer thepredisent is only showing this design .

Ancient buildings have a track record of releasing the Great Wall and Pyramids from Lego (R) Architecture in the past.

In particular, the pyramids were recently commercialized, so there is no doubt that the LEGO (R) Group is also interested in commercializing ancient ruins.

El Khazneh in Petra is a well-known and unique building, and I personally feel nostalgic for it.

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