AMETHYST GEODE 10K Design Advanced to LEGO(R)IDEAS 2023 1st Review

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AMETHYST GEODE advanced to the LEGO(R)IDEAS 2023 1st review with 10,000 supports.AMETHYST GEODE@LEGO IDEAS

Amethyst geode that is the raw material for purple gemstones.

Amethyst Geode, also known as druse, is a state in which minerals crystallize underground to form amethyst.

AMETHYST GEODE 10K Design Advanced to LEGO (R) IDEAS 2023 1st Review

What is amethyst?

According to Wikipedia, it is as follows.

Amethyst is a purple crystal, a type of gemstone used primarily for ornamental purposes. The official name is Amethyst, not Amethyst.

The name amethyst comes from the ancient Greek word “améthustos, not intoxicating,” and it is used as a gemstone name because of the episode in the Old Testament in which this gemstone appears, in which the crowd was drunk. It became so.

In Greek mythology, a woman named Amethyst appears in the anecdote of Bacchus’ wine, so it seems to be a gem associated with alcohol.

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What is the possibility of commercialization?

Designer gman13579 has many works for contests.

This work has only one photo which is rare for recent design for LEGO(R)IDEAS review.

Another designer’s work for the ore had previously entered a product review for a design that included multiple ores as a set, but it didn’t pass it.

It seems that this work also has a unique theme and educational meaning, but it is a bit difficult to imagine that it will be released as a Lego (R) product.

If I were to turn the ore into a product, I think it would be better to put a few more famous ones in there, but I don’t know much about ore, so I honestly don’t know.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.