New Space GWP ‘MICRO RAIL COMMAND CENTER and MOON CAR’ – LEGO® Ideas Space Contest Winner Announced

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The results of the LEGO® Ideas ‘Space Exploration Contest’, where the winning entries become purchase rewards, have been announced.

The grand prize-winning designs, one from the Space Base category and one from the Vehicles category, will both be produced as purchase rewards.

While initially described as Insider rewards, the announcement states they will now be available as purchase rewards.

※ The images are designs submitted for the contest, not the final products.

Space Base Category Grand Prize


A classically styled command center with a space train design. Anticipated to sell out quickly once available.

SPACE! This micro-size space command center is done in classic space style and features a railway. The railway has three cars. Front car has an openable cockpit. The other two cars have openable bay doors. The command building has a station for the railway with a platform for easy loading and unloading. It also has a control tower with a removeable roof. This 250-piece set comes with 2 micro sized astronauts. I hope you enjoy this set.

New Space GWP 'MICRO RAIL COMMAND CENTER and MOON CAR' - LEGO® Ideas Space Contest Winner Announced

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Vehicles Category Grand Prize

Moon Car

A cool futuristic vehicle with a retro-futuristic vibe. Drivers must wear space helmets while operating it. Expected to disappear quickly once distributed as rewards.

The moon car is the transport of choice for traversing the lunar surface! Just watch out for those lunar lampposts!

New Space GWP 'MICRO RAIL COMMAND CENTER and MOON CAR' - LEGO® Ideas Space Contest Winner Announced

When Will They Be Released?

While there’s no information on the release date for the purchase rewards on the LEGO® Ideas official blog, it’s expected to be as early as late 2024, possibly extending into 2025.

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Upcoming LEGO® Ideas Releases

Among the approved designs from LEGO® Ideas reviews and contest winners, the following are awaiting release:

If following the scheduled order, the production of this contest’s grand prize-winning entries seems quite distant. However, since these designs are set to be released as purchase rewards, there’s a possibility of an expedited timeline.

November 2024 Releases
  1. 21353 ? | ? | ? pieces | Ages 18+ | $? | Releases November 2024
October 2024 Releases
  1. 21352 Disney Magic – Contest Winner | Disney Magic | 1103 pieces | Ages 18+ | $? | Releases October 2024 | LEGO® Ideas Contest Winner
September 2024 Releases
  1. 21351 The Nightmare Before Christmas (Approved in the 2022 Second Review) | The Nightmare Before Christmas | 2193 pieces | Ages 18+ | $? | Releases September 2024
August 2024 Releases
  1. 21350 Jaws (Approved in the 2022 Third Review) | Jaws | 1497 pieces | Ages 18+ | $? | Releases August 2024
June 2024 Releases
  1. 21349 Cat (Approved in the 2022 Third Review) | Cat | 1710 pieces | Ages 18+ | $99.99 | Releases June 2024
Release Date Undecided for 2024
  • ? Knowledge is Power | KNOWLEDGE IS POWER | ? pieces | Ages 18+ | $? | Releases 2024 or 2025 | Approved in the contest held from September to November 2023
  • ? The Botanical Garden | THE BOTANICAL GARDEN | ? pieces | Ages 18+ | $? | Releases 2024 or 2025 | Approved in the 2023 First Review
  • ? Twilight: Cullen House | TWILIGHT: CULLEN HOUSE | ? pieces | Ages 18+ | $? | Releases 2024 or 2025 | Approved in the 2023 First Review
  • ? Reading, Reading and Reading | Single Day Contest Winner | Set to be produced as a purchase reward
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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.