LEGO INSIDERS Replacing VIP Program Starts at Aug 21, 2023

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The VIP membership program of the LEGO® Shop official store will be renewed as ‘LEGO® INSIDERS’ starting from August 21, 2023, as announced on the VIP Rewards Center.

Transition from VIP to INSIDERS

According to the official announcement, several changes have been introduced, consolidating multiple accounts that were required across various LEGO® Group websites into one. Additionally, points can be earned by registering existing LEGO® sets and participating in activities.

Other features such as early access to releases, earning points through purchases, and exchanging points for discount codes (coupon vouchers) and exclusive member benefits will remain intact, carrying over from the previous perks of being a VIP member at the LEGO® Shop official store.

While the transition from VIP membership isn’t a drastic change, it can be noted that the various LEGO® Group sites have become more user-friendly and streamlined compared to before.

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Earn Points Even for Previously Purchased Sets

Of note is the perk that allows you to earn points by registering the QR codes from the instruction manuals of LEGO® sets you already own to your LEGO® INSIDERS account.

Members can now earn points by registering sets they have previously purchased through the unique QR codes found in the assembly instructions and cataloging them within their LEGO® Insiders account.

As the details are yet to be disclosed, the exact number of points you can receive by registering sets in your LEGO® INSIDERS account remains unknown. While it’s likely not a substantial amount, those who have been keeping their assembly manuals might want to consider registering them one by one.

VIP membership is being renewed as 'LEGO® INSIDERS'

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Official Announcement


  • All LEGO® logins, for members over 18 years old, are now in the same place.
  • This includes previous separate memberships/logins for LEGO® VIP, checkout, LEGO® Life magazine, LEGO® Life app and LEGO® Ideas.
  • All LEGO VIP members will automatically transfer over to LEGO Insiders, including all valid VIP points.


  • LEGO Insiders can earn points by participating in activities, purchasing sets on [or] in participating LEGO® Stores [USA only: and in Target].
  • Members can now also earn points by registering previously purchased sets via the unique QR code in the building instructions and cataloguing them on their LEGO® Insiders account.


  • Points can be spent in the LEGO® Insiders Reward Center for discounts on sets, member-only merchandise, sweepstakes entries (in select countries) for cool collectibles, and more.


  • Early access to sets, exclusive content, digital family fun play ideas and activities.
  • Exclusive member only gifts when purchasing certain sets.
  • Access to LEGO® Ideas, LEGO® Life magazine plus early details of exclusive in-store events.


  • Members can share their fandom and be inspired by others. This includes:
  • LEGO® Ideas – share designs, vote on other fans’ designs and perhaps even see their creation become a real LEGO® set.
  • Commenting on articles and leaving reviews on
  • Family activities – via the family area on
  • In-store Events – meet other fans and members.

Director Comment

Jason Whiting, Global LEGO® Insiders Director says:

We are thrilled to unveil LEGO Insiders – a world of exciting experiences and exclusive rewards including member discounts, gifts, and digital experiences for our new and existing fans alike.

At the LEGO Group we believe that play should be rewarded, so our updated programme makes it easier than ever for people to enjoy all the benefits of being a LEGO fan, whilst adding new ways for them to connect with fellow builders and to share the joy of play through a global community.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.