Answer that You Want the Service in Japan! The LEGO (R) Group is looking for Opinions on the Online Pick-a-Brick

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The LEGO (R) Group is conducting a survey to solicit opinions on the online version of Pick-A-Brick (PAB).

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No service in Japan

The online version of Pick-a-Brick is a service that allows you to purchase parts and mini-figure parts individually at the LEGO (R) Shop official store at a low price. .

What kind of question?

In this survey, we will ask questions such as how much LEGO (R) products are purchased online or in physical stores, have you ever bought parts, and where do you buy parts.

LEGO Brand Retail

Request Service Start

In the middle of the questionnaire, there is a section where you can enter reasons for purchasing parts other than

If there is a lot of demand, I think the LEGO (R) official store in Japan will consider using it.

The questionnaire is in English, but the contents are not difficult, so even people who are not good at English can answer. If you have trouble, use Google Translate.

Answer the survey

LEGO Brand Retail

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.