2023 LEGO(R)Misc., Seasonal, Christmas, Lunar New Year, Asian Festival Sets and Building Instructions by Months

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Check Out All LEGO(R)Misc., Seasonal 2023 Sets

This page introduces the LEGO (R) Misc., Seasonal released in 2023 in an easy-to-read list. Update every time a new product comes out to keep the list always up-to-date.

There is also a link to the assembly manual, so please check it before purchasing and use it as a reference for shopping.

Introducing recommended sets for Christmas and birthday gifts!

Christmas, Halloween, More

A set suitable for seasonal events such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Chinese Lunar New Year (Asian Festival), New Year’s zodiac that does not belong to other themes.

There are many seasonal sets, such as the Lunar New Year, that sell out quickly after they go on sale, so if you’re interested, we recommend buying them asap!

Christmas and Halloween sets are especially recommended.

Guide to Read this Page

The price is the price at the time of release.

The document icon “” on the right side of the table is the link to instructions page on LEGO official site.

*Information before official announcement is unconfirmed

LEGO(R)Misc., seasonal for January 2023

Recommended Lego (R) set

The Chinese New Year decorations are a set of lucky charms that are likely to bring good luck with money. The Lunar New Year parade features cute minifigures and floats, including never-before-seen purple air tanks and astronaut-style helmets.

The Lunar New Year set is sold out every year by the time you realize it, so we recommend picking it up on the day it goes on sale for a festive feel.

  1. 40648 Money Tree | Money Tree | 336 pieces | Ages 9 and up | ¥2,870 | $24.99 | On sale December 25, 2022
  2. 40575 Rabbit Year Zodiac Set | Year of the Rabbit | Piece | 8 years old and over | Gift for purchasers over ¥9,900 | $? | Distributed at LEGO (R) block stores from December 26, 2021 | Announced on LEGO (R) Group official Twitter
  3. 40584 Birthday Party | Birthday Diorama | Piece | ? Age or older | ¥? |$? | Expected to be released in January or February 2023
  4. 40638 Ornament Heart | Heart’s Ornament | ? Piece | ? Age or older | ¥? |$? | Released in January 2023
  5. 40644 Piñata (Mexican festival goods) | Piñata | ? Piece | ? Age or older | ¥? |$? | Released in January 2023
  6. 40646 Daffodils | Daffodils | ? Piece | ? Age or older | ¥? |$? | Released in January 2023
  7. 80110 Chinese New Year Decorations Chinese Festival | LEGO® Chinese Festivals | 872 pieces | Age or older | ¥? | $89.99 | January 10, 2023
  8. 80111 Chinese New Year Parade Chinese Festival | LEGO® Chinese Festivals | 1,653 pieces | Age or older | ¥? | $129.99 | January 10, 2023
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