LEGO 40530 Jane Goodall GWP Expected to be Available in March 2022

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From March 3, 2022, “40530 Jane Goodall” tribute set purchaser gifts are expected to be distributed.

* Dates, figures, prices, and contents are undecided until the official announcement.

40530 Jane Goodall

276pcs | Age10+ | GWP | March. 2022

The set includes a mini-figure of Dr. Gudall, a zoologist, the same chimpanzee figure that was released in the past, and a diorama that reproduces the nature of trees and flowers.

LEGO 40530 Jane Goodall GWP

The box is green, which is different from the expected Tan Tribute series.

LEGO 40530 Jane Goodall GWP

Who is Jane Goodall?

Jane Goodall (April 3, 1934-) is a British zoologist who reports that chimpanzees use grass stalks to catch ants, and that there are other creatures that use tools besides humans. Discovered. Dame is a title equivalent to Knight, not her name.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.