New LEGO Avatar for April 2022? New Minifigure Revealed on SNS (Unconfirmed)

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* The content is unconfirmed until the official announcement.

New Set for April?

Leak images of new minifigure head parts, which are expected to be introduced for the first time in Lego products with the theme of the movie “Avatar”, are released on overseas SNS.

It is expected that a dedicated minifigure head with sharp ears like the characters in Avatar will be adopted.

LEGO Avatar

The Navi character in the movie Avatar.

When Will it be Released?

If Avatar’s Lego set is really going to be released, it may be released as early as April 2022, but if the theme is a new movie, it may be released shortly before the movie is released.

4 More Movies Coming

The second movie avatar is December 16, 2022, the third movie is December 20, 2024, the fourth movie is December 18, 2026, and the fifth movie is December 22, 2028. Will be released in the US.

Wait for the follow-up!

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.