New LEGO® Ideas Set ‘Dungeons & Dragons(21348)’: Teaser Video Released, Adventure Begins Soon!

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The LEGO® Group has released a teaser video on its official social media channels, hinting at what appears to be the LEGO® Ideas “Dungeons & Dragons” set.

In the video, a slime-type monster called Gelatinous Cube, which is known for absorbing warriors and items, from Dungeons & Dragons, is shown, and at the end, the Dungeons & Dragons logo appears.

With the hashtag “#LEGODnD” attached to the post, it’s definitely related to Dungeons & Dragons content on the LEGO® Ideas platform.

Released from LEGO® Ideas

The Dungeons & Dragons LEGO® set, made of LEGO® bricks, is already slated for release under the “LEGO® Ideas” brand, which transforms user creations into products.

While the release date has not been announced yet, April 2023 seems probable. The expected details include product number 21348, containing 3,745 pieces, and priced at $359.99 for the large set.

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Productization of Contest Winning Entry

The Dungeons & Dragons set to be released from LEGO® Ideas is based on the winning entry from a contest organized by Wizards of the Coast, the licensors of Dungeons & Dragons, in collaboration with LEGO® Ideas and its sales partner, held at the end of 2022.

The image below represents the winning entry from the contest. While the primary structure of the product should remain consistent, it’s worth noting that this is a submission design, so there may be slight variations in the final product.

New LEGO® Ideas Set 'Dungeons & Dragons(21348)': Teaser Video Released, Adventure Begins Soon!

The LEGO® Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set to be released this time will also feature user creations that won a separate LEGO® Ideas contest, on the cover art of the building instructions.

The submitted design from that contest is shown here. It is expected that there will be some differences in the final product.

New LEGO® Ideas Set 'Dungeons & Dragons(21348)': Teaser Video Released, Adventure Begins Soon!

Coming Soon!

When a teaser video is released on the official LEGO® Group social media accounts, the official announcement often follows on the same day or the next day. Therefore, it’s certain that the LEGO® Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set will be officially announced very soon.

The expected release date is April 1, 2024, with possible early access for Insiders at LEGO® Shop Official Stores or simultaneous pre-order availability upon announcement.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.