Could we have another round of the LEGO® Micro Rocket Launchpad (40712) GWP? | Insider membership registration recommended

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The LEGO® Shop official store started a GWP campaign for the “LEGO® Micro Rocket Launchpad (40712)” from February 16th at midnight.

This product, part of the “Classic Space” series, originally released in the 1970s and 80s, still has many fans. Anticipation was high in Japan, with product images released in advance on overseas social media and sales sites, as well as reviews on overseas LEGO® information sites.

Could we have another round of the LEGO® Micro Rocket Launchpad (40712) GWP? | Insider membership registration recommended

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Exclusive Early Access for Insiders

The purchase bonus “LEGO® Micro Rocket Launchpad (40712)” was exclusively distributed to Insiders members of the LEGO® Shop official store from February 16th to 18th. This early access for Insiders members is a first for purchase bonuses.


The campaign was expected to be open to users other than Insiders members after February 19th, but the GWP campaign that started at midnight on February 16th ended in the morning of the same day due to stock depletion.

While the GWP campaign typically ends as soon as stock runs out, it would have been appreciated if more stock could have been secured. Many potential buyers, such as those who prefer shopping leisurely after work, missed out on the purchase bonus when stock ran out in the morning.

Although the campaign ended quickly in Japan, it also ended by the deadline for early access on February 18th at major LEGO® Shop official stores like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries.

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Join Insiders Now

“Insiders” is the membership program of the LEGO® Shop official store, essentially meaning “creating an account.” Registration and usage are completely free, so registration is recommended for everyone.

The biggest advantage of becoming an Insiders member is earning points for purchases. Members who haven’t registered don’t earn points for purchases. Additionally, members can earn points by registering their own LEGO® sets. Accumulated points can be exchanged for discount coupons, limited goods, and limited sets.

Furthermore, various benefits are available to Insiders members, such as the early access to purchase bonuses implemented for the first time this time, early releases of popular items expected to be in short supply, and purchase bonuses exclusive to Insiders members. Therefore, if you haven’t registered yet, register now.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.