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A-FRAME CABIN passed the review and will be the official LEGO IDEAS Set!


With 10,000 support, it is confirmed that it will advance to the 2nd LEGO idea commercialization review in 2021.A-FRAME CABIN:LEGO IDEAS

The A-frame cabin is an architectural style log cabin called the A-frame in the shape of the letter A.

The roof and wall planks are not completely flat and uneven, and the rock blocks at the foundation are very tasty. There is also a window for daylighting. The big tree behind the building looks like America.


The interior is a two-story building and feels a little cramped overall. The first floor is the living room and the second floor is the bedroom. The stove is cute. The roof on one side is only partly touching the inside. The roof can be opened and closed.


Outside is a place to chop wood and a few chickens. The fact that there are chickens may mean that this is not a villa but the home where they live.


A frame architecture

According to Wikipedia, the A-frame is an architectural style that has long been seen in Europe, China, the South Pacific, etc., but became particularly popular in the mid-1950s and 1970s.

The prefabricated method of assembling the building materials manufactured in advance at the factory on site has kept the price down, so it is popular mainly for villas. However, for me as an architectural amateur, the architectural style of A frame should not seem like a waste of volume.

©GoogleA-FRAME CABIN 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

Gassho-zukuri is also A frame?

Even in Japan, the roof of an old building in a heavy snowfall area has a steep slope and resembles an A frame. The famous one is the gassho-zukuri in Shirakawa-go, although the roof does not reach the ground.

Gassho-zukuri seems to be a word that expresses only a triangular roof, but the definition when the government recommended it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site includes the “thatched roof” part.

©PixabayA-FRAME CABIN 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

Can Pass the Review?

The author Norton74 has published other tasty hut designs.

This design seems to be suitable for playing with a minifig in a very pretty mountain lodge. I like the Lego wood MOC building, so please commercialize it.

However, as I write every time in the building design introduction article, it will not be easy to commercialize the idea because the review of ideas tends to make strict judgments for buildings other than copyrighted materials.

It seems more likely that the number of parts will be reduced a little more and it will be commercialized as an outdoor set in the city, or from the creator series where hut-like products are released regularly.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.