Embrace the Timeless Melodies”Vintage Record Player” Advances to LEGO® Ideas Review (2024-2025 New Set Contender) | Introducing the First 10k-Support Design of 2024

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Vintage Record Player (Phonograph)

Confirmed entry into the 2024 First LEGO Ideas Product Review with 10,000 supporters. VINTAGE RECORD PLAYER: LEGO IDEAS Official (English)

A creation of a phonograph, a device for manually playing records. Includes a miniature figure of an elderly lady listening to records.

Vintage Record Player

The decoration of the phonograph itself features a vintage design. Turning the handle makes the record spin.

Vintage Record Player Decoration

Gear and shaft section connected to the handle for rotating the record.

Vintage Record Player Gear

A needle for reading the record is also included.

Vintage Record Player Needle

What’s the likelihood of this becoming a product?

This marks the first review entry for AmbassadorDexterousPsyclone100.

Speaking of LEGO® Ideas product design, the recent Polaroid camera was successfully brought to market.

LEGO(R)IDEAS Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera 21345

LEGO(R)IDEAS Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera 21345

Incorporating Authentic Machine Details into Design

Design features include the viewfinder, Color Spectrum, exposure compensation dial, a ‘Polaroid Land Camera’ sticker and choice of ‘OneStep’ or ‘1000’ stickers


The Polaroid wasn’t a recent model either, but the record player is even older. While it’s a unique product, it may not be familiar to many. I believe passing the review will be challenging, but I certainly hope they succeed.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.