LEGO RUBIK’S CUBE Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

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With 10,000 support, it is confirmed that it will advance to the 3rd LEGO idea commercialization review review in 2021.LEGO RUBIK’S CUBE (WORKING) | LEGO IDEAS official

The Rubik’s Cube that became a boom in the 1980s.

LEGO RUBIK'S CUBE Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

You can actually move it.

LEGO RUBIK'S CUBE Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

This design is the third major improvement for the author. You can see the actual movement and internal structure in the video.

What is a Rubik’s Cube?

Rubik’s Cube is a three-dimensional puzzle devised by Hungarian architect Ernő Rubik. It is a cube with a side of about 5.5 cm, and each side is composed of 6 different colors, and each side is divided into 3 x 3 9 squares. Since the divided cubes move by rotating each arbitrary row, the main purpose is to align each surface with the same color.(Wikipedia)
A tournament with one hand?

Can pass the review?

The author, puzzleLEGO1, is releasing only this design.

Obtaining 10,000 support is quite fast, and it seems that the appearance and structure of the Lego subject are suitable for the Lego subject. If it can be commercialized with the robustness that children can play without difficulty, it will sell well.

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