TERRARIUMS Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

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With 10,000 support, it is confirmed that it will advance to the 3rd LEGO idea commercialization review review in 2021. TERRARIUMS: LEGO IDEAS official

 TERRARIUMS Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

A large glass case is also created using a large amount of transparent parts.

 TERRARIUMS Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

Brown blocks of soil are spread in the glass case and plants are planted.

 TERRARIUMS Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

What is a terrarium?

According to Wikipedia, the technology to grow and raise plants and small animals in glass cases. It also includes a large glass case instead of a small case like this design.

If you use a glass case, you will be able to grow plants and animals that grow only in a specific environment anywhere.

I used to keep tropical fish in a small aquarium, but I have no experience with terrariums. Impression that management seems to be quite difficult and it seems to cost money.

Can Pass the Review?

The author Galaxy333 has also published a cute design with a lot of buildings. The log cabin is currently under review for commercialization.

This design looks more like a glass case than the plants inside. I think the appeal of plants will increase if they have a little more build feeling. Another designer currently under review, succulents , looks lighter and more cute.

For both terrariums and succulents, the adult Lego botanical series seems to be more likely to be commercialized than the idea.

LEGO IDEAS 2021 3rd Review Summary

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Past LEGO IDEA Nominees

💡What is LEGO IDEAS?

Your work can be a LEGO product!

If your work achieve 10,000 support, LEGO review it for production. If your work pass the review, it will be released as an official LEGO product.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.