LEGO(R) Masters USA Winning Build will be an Actual LEGO(R) Set! Season 4 Premiere Thursday, September 28

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The Winning Creation Will Be Turned into a LEGO(R) Set

The official LEGO(R) Masters USA Twitter account has released a preview video for the upcoming Season 4 of “LEGO(R) Masters,” which is set to premiere on September 28th.

According to the video, in Season 4 of “LEGO(R) Masters,” where 12 teams will compete, it has been revealed that the winning build will be turned into an official LEGO(R) set.

Will Arnett, the host of the show, stated in the video, “The winners of this season will see their final build transformed into an actual LEGO set.”

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Available as Regular Sets

The winning team’s creation will be made available as a regular LEGO(R) product and can be purchased not only in the United States but also in regions outside the US, such as UK, EU, Japan.

The finale of “LEGO(R) Masters USA” may feature a challenge that is well-suited for commercial productization. Both the theme of the creation and the challenge itself are something to look forward to!

the winners of “LEGO(R) Masters USA” not only get their creation turned into a LEGO(R) set but also receive the prestigious title of LEGO(R) Masters and a prize of $100,000.

New Season Premiere Thursday, September 28 on FOX

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.