Still Time to Complete Your Collection! LEGO® Star Wars 25th Anniversary Minifigures – All Characters Coming Soon – How Many Have You Collected?

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2024 marks the 25th anniversary of LEGO® Star Wars, commemorating its initial release in 1999.

Some of this year’s new LEGO® Star Wars products include special 25th anniversary minifigures. These highly collectible minifigures are likely to inspire many Star Wars fans to aim for a complete set.

Only 8 out of over 30 products

While 2024 will see the release of more than 30 new LEGO® Star Wars products, only 8 will feature 25th anniversary commemorative minifigures. Currently, 7 have been announced, with one more expected to be revealed soon.

Let’s introduce the minifigures and characters chosen for this prestigious selection. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or simply a LEGO® block enthusiast, these are definitely worth checking out!

Darth Malak

Included with the “R2-D2 (75379)” set released on March 1st. A Sith Lord who was active during the Old Republic era, approximately 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. In Star Wars media, he primarily appears in comics and video games.

LEGO(R) New Product Information

LEGO(R) Star Wars™ R2-D2 75379

Packed with fun features

The rotating head, detachable third leg, periscope, and various tools are all just like the real thing



Included with the “Boarding the Tantive IV™ (75387)” set released on March 1st. Fives is a clone trooper with the identification number CT-5555 who appears in the Clone Wars series.

LEGO(R) New Product Information

LEGO(R) Star Wars™ Boarding the Tantive IV™ 75387

Packed with action features

You can recreate the interior of the ship where Darth Vader’s Stormtroopers and Rebel troopers engaged in fierce battle in “Star Wars™: A New Hope”


Darth Maul

The 25th anniversary Darth Maul minifigure is not included in a regular LEGO® set, but comes with the hardcover edition of the visual book “LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary Updated Edition: With Exclusive Star Wars Minifigure”, which introduces Star Wars vehicles and worlds.

Darth Maul is one of the main Star Wars characters who appeared in The Phantom Menace, Clone Wars, and Rebels.

LEGO(R) New Product Information

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Saw Gerrera

Included with Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator™ (75383), releasing on May 1st.

A member of the Rebel Alliance who first appeared in Clone Wars. In Clone Wars, he received training from Anakin, Rex, and Ahsoka, but later adopted more extreme tactics.

LEGO(R) New Product Information

LEGO(R) Star Wars™ Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator™ 75383

Packed with features and bursting with action

Packed with fun features, including flight mode with extended wings and retracted landing gear, two spring-loaded shooters, and a cargo hold hatch that opens to deploy 3 “DRK-1 Probe Droids”


Cal Kestis

Included with the “Star Destroyer™ (75394)” set releasing on August 1st.

The protagonist of the games “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” and “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor”, a Jedi Padawan who survived Order 66.

LEGO(R) New Product Information

LEGO(R) Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™ 75394

Easy to play with thanks to its handle

Pull out the handle to fly around stylishly and attack enemies with the two spring-loaded shooters. You can also remove the top panel and open the side panels to play inside the ship.


Young Leia

Included with the “Droid™ Maker (75392)” set releasing on August 1st.

Young Leia, who appeared in the series “Obi-Wan Kenobi”. The set also includes her dedicated droid, Lola, recreated with printed parts.

LEGO(R) New Product Information

LEGO(R) Star Wars™ Creative Play Droid™ Builder 75392

Build your own droid

The buildable figures of “R2-D2”, “Chopper (C1-10P)”, “QT-KT”, and “R5-J2” come with the LEGO Star Wars™ 25th anniversary “Young Princess Leia” and “Lola (L0-LA59)”


Nien Nunb

Included with the “Desert Skiff and Sarlacc Pit (75396)” set releasing on August 1st.

A pilot who flew with Lando Calrissian in the Millennium Falcon during the Battle of Endor, and later participated in the fight against the First Order in an X-wing.

LEGO(R) New Product Information

LEGO(R) Star Wars™ Desert Skiff & Sarlacc Pit 75396

Tentacles move with lever operation

The Sarlacc in the pit has tentacles that move with lever operation, and there’s space inside its mouth to fit one minifigure



An astromech droid expected to be the final minifigure in the LEGO® Star Wars 25th anniversary series. Mainly appears in Clone Wars.

Likely to be included in a set with product number “40755”, scheduled for release in October. Based on the number, it might be a Christmas-themed set, different from the regular LEGO® Star Wars lineup.

LEGO(R) New Product Informationimg:Amazon

This is the latest information on the announced and anticipated LEGO® Star Wars 25th anniversary minifigures.

The 25th anniversary minifigures are expected to be limited to the eight introduced here, but a large set, Jabba’s Sail Barge, with about 10 minifigures, is also anticipated for release in October.

For the latest LEGO® Star Wars news, we recommend bookmarking and regularly checking Studs’ dedicated page, where updates are delivered in real-time.

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This article includes affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.