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Botanical Garden

With 10,000 supports, it has been confirmed to advance to the 1st LEGO IDEAS Commercialization Review in 2023. THE BOTANICAL GARDEN: LEGO IDEAS

A botanical garden building where you can see tropical plants. I think that the entrance has four stone pillars and the white leaves are also stone carvings.

Lego (R) IDEAS

Since it is a botanical garden, there is a lot of glass for lighting.

Lego (R) IDEAS

The glass part is designed to be easily removable for each area and easy to play.

Lego (R) IDEAS

The big trees are banana trees, palm trees, and tokkuriran.

Lego (R) IDEAS

A spiral staircase leads to a balcony for viewing the higher grounds.

Lego (R) IDEAS

A staff minifigure is also included. Anthurium flower.

Lego (R) IDEAS

The customer took a commemorative photo with beautiful flowers.

Lego (R) IDEAS

LEGO Brand Retail

What is the possibility of commercialization?

Designer Goannas has a lot of mini sets Now open.

The botanical garden is a healing facility, but it has probably never been released from Lego (R) City or existing series in the past.

Foliage plant boom?

However, there is no doubt that the LEGO (R) group is interested in foliage plants, as many LEGO (R) ICONS botanical sets with the theme of foliage plants have been introduced since 2021.

This work is a large building work of 2989 pieces, and it can be said that it is a category that is difficult to pass the review in the LEGO (R) IDEAS product review, but it may pass the review because it is a unique subject.

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