JAWS Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

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With 10,000 support, it is confirmed that it will advance to the 2nd LEGO idea commercialization review review in 2021.JAWS:LEGO IDEAS

Jaws (shark) and the ship Orca from Spielberg’s blockbuster shark panic movie “Jaws”. A minifigure of the main character is also included.

JAWS Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

Jaws is huge, so it’s about the same size as the Orca.

JAWS Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

Express shark skin with gray parts. Looking at the parts composition, it seems to be considerably larger than the 31088 deep-sea creature shark.

JAWS Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

The reality is that the teeth are arranged diagonally.

JAWS Achieves 10K Support on LEGO IDEAS

Jaws official digest video

Can Pass the Review?

The author Diving Faces has published many other cute designs.

Jaws is a blockbuster movie, but the content is a bit violent, so I think it would be difficult to commercialize it from Lego.

However, since Jaws was one of the candidates for the vote to select the 150th commemorative brickheads held in December last year, Lego may not have any particular problem. However, Jaws lost in that election.

Personally, I feel that it is more appealing to the judges if the shark is designed to pop out from the sea with only the upper body.

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