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This page introduces the release schedule of new LEGO products. Recommended for those who want to make a LEGO purchase plan. Updated from time to time.

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New for Mar. 2022

Adult Mar. 1st 2022
Star Wars Mar. 1st 2022

You can Pre-Order Boba Fett's Throne Room and Helmets.

Marvel Mar. 1st 2022

You can Pre-Order Thor's Hammer.

Thor's Hammer
Mar. 1st
BrickHeadz Mar. 1st
Speed Champion Mar. 1st 2022
Technic Mar. 1st 2022
Disney Princess Mar. 1st 2022
Creator Mar. 1st 2022
Dots Mar. 1st 2022
Friends Mar. 1st 2022
Ninjago Mar. 1st 2022
LEGO ART Mar 1st 2022
CITY Mar 1st 2022
Harry Potter Mar 1st 2022
Classic Mar. 1st 2022
Duplo Mar. 1st 2022

New for Apr. 2022

Marvel Apr. 1st 2022
Duplo Apr. 1st 2022
Jurassic World Apr 2022

76950 and 76951 are available for pre-order.

New for May. 2022

Adult LEGO May 2022

New for June 2022

You can pre-order on

Star Wars June 2022

Release Date Unconfirmed

Vespa, Delorean, Horizon Zero Dawn, and more are expected to be released in 2022.

Games for Feb 2022

Postponed, (or can be cancelled)

💡Reference information when viewing this page
  • There are both sets where reservations and product listings start before the release date and sets where products are not listed on the sales floor page until the release date.
  • Product images and product names go to the studs product information page, and shop icons fly to each sales floor (with exceptions)
  • Items that are not available at each shop, such as before release, will not be displayed on the sales floor page.
  • Information prior to official announcement can be changed
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